Andrejz’s time was up.  While Celestine was at work, Andrejz died, age 71.

The twins had moved to university so the house was completely empty when Celestine came home after work, expecting a welcome.

None came.

She was devastated.

Lightning struck that night.  Celestine went out to investigate.

Sadly, Celestine got caught in the resultant fire.  The Sim god hadn’t planned this.  Celestine, celebrity chef, died at the young age of 58.

Eldest son, Sven and his wife, moved into the empty house.  He hadn’t planned on moving back home quite so soon.

Meanwhile, Sorrow had her baby.

It was a fourth son for Gunnar.  They named him Bjorn.

And at university, Nicolas Champignon proposed.

Unfortunately I can’t remember her name.