I started reinstalling the disks I have.  I installed the first 4 expansions after the first Sims 2 disks and it all went well.  I then went to install the next batch and it said that Sims 2 wasn’t installed properly.  WTF?

So, I’ve uninstalled all of them wondering what the **** to do.

Even when I did install them, the game wouldn’t work due to incompatibility issues.  I did as suggested and ticked the box for Windows XP compatibility as administrator – still didnt’ work.  I’ve looked everwhere online to find answers.  Many others have the same problems as I do but there are no satisfactory answers.  I’m pissed off and very depressed.

Anyone out there got any helpful suggestions?

I hate Sims 3 and don’t want to bother with it and Medieval Sims is just not the same. 😦