I found this blog post by a fellow Simmer who was having the same difficulties.  She found a way to make it work and set out instructions.  I found I didn’t need the patches at all and, in fact, using the first patch meant that it didn’t work, so I left them out.  I’ve installed up to Seasons and it all works perfectly fine!!!  Now I just have to get Freetime and Apartment life and install them plus a few extra ones and I’ll be at the stage where I can move my old backed up Sims in. Woohoo!

Even if nothing further works out, at least I can play Sims and have done.  I played the Roths in Riverblossom Hills and also moved the Ottamas family into that neighbourhood.  I could also start the Broke family all over again if need be.  I’m almost tempted to do that anyway and stop Dustin marrying the pointy-nosed Angela and dooming their descendants to ugliness.  I’m kind of bored with my current Brokes.  I’d only got to 5 generations.  Will have to think on that, presuming I can get remaining expansion packs to work and transfer my old family.

So huge relief and I could hug the woman that put that blog post up.  Thank you!