I’ve successfully transferred the families over.  The only thing I forgot to do is back up custom content!  D’oh!  Dammit.  Now I have to find them again, if possible, and download.

Anyway, where we were?  I had to read this blog to catch up because I’d forgotten what had been happening.  I was about to blog the latest on the Lillards and discovered I hadn’t mentioned Serenity’s wedding.

Serenity and Flynn moved to Bluewater village and built a small house with a view of the sea.  It was there that they got married privately.

Serenity was happy (unfortunately she hadn’t gone shopping for a decent dress beforehand).

She was now Mrs Hunter.

I can’t remember who the wedding guests were.

Not Serenity’s mother anyway.

Serenity got a job as an animal linguist and Flynn was a coach at first, before finding a job as a Broadway star.  Life was good.

And then Serenity got pregnant.

Serenity’s hair style is different now because the custom content is gone :(.  Parts of the house had to be redecorated too.  Drat!