Spliff’s place

I don’t think I’ll blog about this family anymore, now that Spliff is gone.  Spliff’s ex-wife, Jessica, is now dead (mother to Marc and Nicolas).  Remy visited and looked after his cousin’s baby daughter, Clarise.

Marc’s older daughter, Isabelle, is not particularly attractive, but then Marc isn’t.

A tree caught fire outside during a thunderstorm and there was no rain to put it out.  This has been happening a lot lately.

It also happened at Marc’s half-brother, Georges’ place.  Georges caught on fire but his wife, Ribena, put him out.  Here’s Ribena in her new car.


I won’t blog more about this family either.  You may remember Celestine who married Gunnar.  Celestine died after marrying Andrejz, and Gunnar is now married to Sorrow (more on them later).  Anyway, their eldest son, Sven, now lives in the house with his wife Connie.  She was pregnant.

High five!  It’s a boy – Nils.


Finally, Louis Champignon, uncle to the Larsson boys, continues helping out in Florence’s flower shop.  He will be an elder in a day or so.  Here he is talking to his half brother, the teenage Romain.


I’m planning on killing off the rest of the Danahers (currently there are twin boys at university and their parents in the old Danaher family home).  The last of the Langeraks is now dead and his wife put their ugly kid in the Landchild Home for Rejects.

Nothing much happening at the DeMarr household.  Their dog that ran away was returned.  Drako’s daughter, Lazaria, is now a teenager, and her brother, Vincent, will be heading off to uni soon.  Luka is now 77.