I had too many students at university.  I got rid of 8.  Two of them, the Danaher twins, were drowned.

The others in the pool were passers-by who stupidly jumped in.  One of them died as well.

That left three couples, which included the Champagne twins, Arthur and Simone.  They all graduated (with cheats) and moved home with their fiances to get married.  Serenity was present at two of those weddings (Arthur’s and Simone’s).

Simone Champagne and her fiance moved in with widow, Edwina Menon, who lived by the sea in Bluewater.  Simone and Roger married in the backyard.  Present were Serenity Champignon, Simone’s mother, Veronique, and Edwina.  If there were others, they must have been mucking around elsewhere.  The heavily pregnant Serenity lives just next door (that’s her house in the background).  Simone is now Mrs Kinsley.  Edwina died a day later.

Simone’s twin brother, Arthur, moved back home with his fiancee, Petra Maynard.  His wedding was before Simone’s.

That’s Remy with wedding guest, Nicolas Champignon, I think.  I’m not sure why I didn’t get a photo of the married couple.  All these blond guys look similar too.

Veronique wanted three of her children to graduate.  Now four have (with cheats) so she’s happy.  Olivier wants to marry off his six kids.  Four of them now have.

Finally, Nicolas Champignon and his fiancee, Amber, moved in with the parents of the deceased Danaher twins.  Genevieve is Nicolas’ aunt anyway.  It was a big wedding party held indoors.

That’s Arthur clapping.  Beatrice and Marc are gossiping and Matthew Picaso is feeling left out at the back.

There was a lot of mingling and dancing, eventually.

And a civilised sit down meal.

The Champignon brothers

Ok, it was cake.

I think the Danahers were at work or asleep.  Nicolas and wife are just waiting for them to die off and they’ll inherit the house.

I know I said I wouldn’t blog about these particular families again, but I just felt the need to tie off any loose ends – get some married off as a farewell.