While the twin babies lay in the kitchen, crying with dirty nappies, the cleanup bot had gone nuts and deposited rubbish everywhere.  Anna helped the maid pick it all up after first desperately turning the vomiting machine off.

No-one else was around to help, so Anna decided to fix the machine herself.

She looked at the camera as if to say “I did it. So what?”

Then, with a nudge, she went off and changed the babies’ nappies.  She also powered up Mickey, the robot.

Michael was reading a book upstairs the whole time.

The twins’ birthday had arrived.  They didn’t even wait to get to any cake before changing.

First it was David.

Oh dear.

Then it was Emma.

Hmm, will have to see what they look like as school kids.

The twins played together…

and randomly hugged.  Cute.

Their grandmother, Caryl, only 64, seems to be nearing her end.