Thor, the newly returned dog, got more attention to prevent him running away again.

Not sure what he thinks of Monica’s piano playing.

The family found some time to be together and talk, unusually.

Lazaria has turned out alright.

Vincent is pretty good at the guitar.

Even Monica spent some time with her daughter, Lucia.

Vincent headed off to university.  More students.  It must be time to head over to Academie la Tour and get some students graduated or dropping out.  Vincent was so eager to go he didn’t even change.

Drako noticed that his father didn’t seem well.

He wasn’t.  His time had come.

He was 80 years old.  Actually he was much older, as he spent some time as a vampire.

Now that Luka was dead, Drako was eager to get out of the massive house which he’d always disliked.  It had unhappy memories for him.

The house was demolished and they moved to a new house built overlooking the river.

Drako felt happier.  He hoped that he and Monica would become closer as he still felt quite lonely.