I did say I wasn’t going to blog about them, but oh well.

Olivier was happy because 3 kids had graduated.  Veronique’s LTW was to have 6 grandchildren.  So far she only had 3: Yvette  had twins – Elsa and Matt.  Remy had a boy, Chenet.  But Veronique was nearing the end of her life.  So all the remaining kids got to and had some babies.  Recently married Simone got pregnant and had a daughter, Aramis.  Helene, married to Stieg, had a girl, Jutta.  Even the neglected Cuvee had married Anders and had a child, Xander.

They lived downtown and were not the cleanest of tenants.  In fact neighbours complained about the smell.

Now it was left to Arthur’s wife to have a child.

A girl, Olivia, named after her grandfather….


Cate.  Twins!  Veronique’s LTW was achieved with 7 grandchildren.

Sadly (or  not), Olivier died soon after at age 69.  He was not mourned by many.  The last of Artois’ children was finally dead.

You may remember Beatrice was seen downtown with Remy.  Marc was rather depressed.  Perhaps he felt something was amiss.

His younger daughter grew to school age.

Not very happily…  she has since been seen at several other houses having a tantrum.

Remy was stupid enough to visit Beatrice while Marc was home.

Perhaps they thought Marc was asleep…

Caught out!  Marc was not happy.

Beatrice appears to be pregnant again.  I don’t think it’s Remy’s but… we’ll soon find out.