Little Bjorn learned a lot of skills.

After his birthday…

he got straight into building on his creativity.

Unfortunately, about this time, his elderly father died at the age of 65.

Erika was upset.

and Sorrow, eventually.

It took time for the death to register with Bjorn.

There was a storm the next day and lightning struck near the spa pool.

Sorrow and Erike tried to put it out.

It was obvious that it wasn’t enough so the fire brigade was called.

It actually took three firemen to put it all out.

Erike swept up the ashes and put them in the garbage… and it promptly caught fire.

I thought Erike was done for but the fireman got there in time.

Gunnar’s wasn’t the only death in the family.  Louis Champignon, over in Bluewater village, lost his partner, Florence Delarosa.  She was also 65.

Their daughter, Hyacinth, arrived back from university the next day.