Romain Champignon was bored.

Life at uni didn’t seem all it was cracked up to be but he’d promised his uncle Louis he’d stick at it.  Things looked up when he met Felice.

Vincent DeMarr, similarly, had got to know Catriona Champignon, a distant cousin of Romain’s.

Although they were in the same dorm, they didn’t really know each other, but they all decided to move to the house on campus which was for the  use of members of their two families (DeMarr and Champignon).

Vincent didn’t think much of Romain’s girlfriend, Felice and Felice thought Vincent was creepy.

Romain wasn’t sure about Vincent’s girlfriend, his distant cousin, Catriona, who he’d never met before.

Romain looks very like his dad.

Vincent got his very first kiss from Catriona.  He’d never had a girlfriend before.

Vincent and Romain got talking,

discovered they had a love of music in common,

and jammed together.

The roomies got on well after the initial doubts.

Romain made sure to do the work, though,

tactfully ignoring what was going on beside him.

Vincent had proposed to Catriona.

and she accepted.

After thinking about it, Romain decided to do the same a few days later.

Felice accepted.

They all tended to hang around the kitchen a lot, so I suppose it was a natural place to get engaged?

They’re all only in their second year at university after what’s seemed like 10 years.  Will they survive the slog?  Or will they cheat and use the apple statue to graduate before time?