You may remember Beatrice had had an affair with ex-boyfriend Remy.  Last time we saw her she was pregnant.

Beatrice had the baby, another girl, and called her Carine.

Just by looking at Carine, Beatrice could tell the father was not Marc.

Marc came to that same realisation.

Marc refused to speak to Beatrice.

Beatrice was afraid.  She wasn’t sure if he knew or just suspected.

He couldn’t bear to see the evidence of his wife’s infidelity.   He asked Beatrice either to give up the baby,

or leave.

There was no way Beatrice was going to give up her daughter (her half brother had gone to the Landchild Home and died there), so she left, her older daughters farewelling her.

The baby was with her in the taxi.

Beatrice headed back home to her father’s place,

and wondered what her father would say.  Antonio accepted her back gladly and he and his wife were happy to have a baby in the house.  Antonio advised his daughter on her legal rights.

Beatrice rang Remy to let him know he had a daughter and she was now separated from Marc.

Meanwhile, Carine was well looked after.

At times Beatrice felt lonely.  She knew Remy wouldn’t leave his wife.

Marc, meanwhile, was coming to terms with everything.

He paid more attention to his daughters.

Isabelle would soon become a teenager.