Catriona and Felice were becoming friends.

Flatmates did workouts spontaneously.

But it was all a tedious grind.  Romain used the magic apple to graduate.  There was no option for having a graduation party, so he just left.

He was pretty happy.  Felice did the same thing.

Vincent and Catriona had also had enough and used the apple as well.  First Vincent, who had a graduation party and invited the family.

Drako got a first look at his son’s fiancee,

and was formally introduced.

Drako couldn’t be sure that the outfit she was wearing were really pyjamas or just some new fashion.

Monica and daughter, Lucia, had fun dancing outside.

Lucia got an unwanted view of a naked student.

Vincent, meanwhile, was just feeding his face.

Lazaria was having fun.  Soon she’d be here.

Then the party was over and it was time to leave.

Then Catriona left too.  She didn’t have the option of having a party either.

That just left Gina to house-sit and continue slogging through her degree the hard way.