In an earlier post I mentioned Cuvee and Anders Larsson and their baby son, Xander.  Their neighbours had complained about the smell.  Neighbours had also noticed that the child didn’t seem particularly well looked after.

Cuvee didn’t seem to care if her toddler was neck deep in snow.

The neighbours’ suspicions about the care of the child seemed well founded.

The landlord had had enough.  He had to keep demanding the rent as it was never paid on time.

The Larssons were forced to move.

They bought a small house still in Downtown.  Of course that didn’t mean that the boy was any better off but there were no neighbours to notice (or were there?).

Xander was left to fend for himself for a while (until Anders returned from work).

Cuvee was inside playing games with Milton Landgraab.

Xander grew up the next day so he can look after himself.  Surprisingly he grew up well, probably because his father had taught him to talk and sing a nursery rhyme.