Romain and his fiancee, Felice, arrived back to Veronaville.  It was Felice’s first look at the mansion that would be her home.

Not to feel left out, Sorrow gave her son, Bjorn a hug while they were all over each other.

The happy couple planned to get married asap.

It would have been a party in the garden but after the way the jealous mother-in-law-to-be treated Felice…

Romain decided to have a small wedding at the Parc d’amour where his grandfather, Artois, got married (and not invite his mother).

Romain invited a group of friends to meet him there, but sadly, no-one turned up.

Some strangers at the park invited themselves, however, so there were (rather disinterested) witnesses.

There was cake,

which they ate in the park.

Then they got up to dance to some music playing nearby…

Felice was a bit uncomfortable with some of the hooligans hanging around the park.  (It was only Anders Larsson, husband to the hopeless mother, Cuvee.)

Felice wasn’t impressed with the dancing Romain got up to do.

But some appropriate music was put on for a slow wedding dance.

Despite none of their friends turning up, they both had a great time.