These Sims couldn’t make up their minds.

Lazaria DeMarr, Francis Champignon and forgotten twin, Katy Champignon, were flatting  together in the large mansion on campus with a guy called Carlos Perez.  (Katy is the orphan daughter of Jean-Pierre Champignon and Cheryl Lew.  Her twin, Sally, is in one of the dorms.  They grew up in the Landchild Home.)

Well, apart from studying, these four got engaged to each other.  First it was Francis and Lazaria (whose siblings are married to each other – see earlier post about Vincent’s wedding.)  Then it was Carlos and Katy.

But then Francis caught Lazaria flirting with Carlos and broke off their engagement.

Perhaps as revenge or perhaps Francis really did prefer Katy, but he flirted with her in return, and got caught out.

You couldn’t really blame Katy for being angry with Carlos – he and Lazaria started it.

So the inevitable happened.  Carlos and Lazaria got engaged.

Francis proposed to Katy.

The betrayal still irked Francis though.

They’re only in their second semester and I’m already bored with it.  (EA made the university period far too long – and why eight semesters?  A basic degree  here is only 6.)  I may have them drop out or cheat.