John Lillard was happily gazing at the night sky through his telescope when…

He was gone for some time.  A loud noise drew some of the family out to the front of the property where they saw a UFO!

John was dumped unceremoniously.

John felt sick afterwards then noticed his stomach expanding…

Then to everyone’s astonishment he gave birth to an alien baby boy.  John called it the first thing that came into his head – Spork.

Anna grew rather fond of him.

It’s the best looking alien baby I’ve ever seen.  It has a more rounded face rather than the somewhat skull-like appearance of many.

Just before the baby was born, Emma and David grew to teenagers.

Here’s Emma chatting to Tyler Hunter (son of Serenity nee Champignon).

David, unfortunately, had inherited the somewhat ugly features of male Lillards.

In a fit of malice (sick of ugly Lillards) I made him take a plunge in the pool.

The ladder magically reappeared only when it was too late.

John mourned the loss of one son just after welcoming another.

Anna seemed oblivious and just dived right in.

At least David’s grandfather mourned his loss as well (while ignoring the newest grandson).

So, who will be the heir?  Will the eldest, Emily?  She who was taken to an orphanage because she was thought to be too ugly?  Would she want to have anything to do with the family who rejected her?  Will baby Spork be the new heir instead?

These are question even I can’t answer yet.