Bjorn grew to a teenager at last.

He was in the right place to pursue his love of music.

Sorrow saw an adorable animal she thought was a cat and started to bend down to stroke it.

Perhaps her eyesight is going.

I think Sorrow was feeling a bit left out at times.

She was envious of her son’s relationship, but Sorrow had few friends and none of them eligible men.

So instead, she finally acted on her other son, Bjorn’s, wish to get into a private school and invited the headmaster round for a tour of the house and dinner.

As expected, the house passed the test and Sorrow’s turkey went down well too.  Bjorn was in.  Bjorn passed on the good news to Romain and Felice.

Unfortunately, the weekend followed immediately so Bjorn couldn’t wear his new uniform until the following Monday.