The Landchild Home’s last remaining occupant (apart from Mrs Landchild herself) was lonely and pissed off.  He took his anger out on one of the few toys provided.

His name is Hereward Langerak (the last of the Langeraks) and he was a friend of ex-inmate, Emily Lillard, who is now at university.  Hereward will join her there soon.  More on Emily to come at a later stage (remember the issue of the Lillard heir?).

Remy, who fathered a girl on Beatrice Champignon, is now a rock god.

Sadly, the old family cat, Anu, died.

Remy’s son, Chenet, was distraught.  He’d grown up with that cat.  Chenet was another who then headed to university.

And finally, I found a photo of Milton Landgraab, who I haven’t blogged about for some time.  Here he is watching TV in his study.