John Lillard loved his grandson, even though he was green.

But John was feeling his age.  He missed his late wife and he’d got to the top of this career long ago.  (He was a Captain Hero.)

Life just didn’t hold much interest for him anymore.

His time came at the age of 79.

Anna was upset,

but cheered up when she got some money.

Michael didn’t seem too affected by the death.

John never discovered that Michael was his arch nemesis, a criminal mastermind.

Spork’s birthday came around soon after and the bad news: ugly.

So that’s Spork out of the running for heir.

Meanwhile, Emily, the abandoned eldest child of Michael and Anna, dropped out of university and headed back to an apartment in Veronaville.  She wasted no time in trying for a male heir to inherit on her behalf.  She was friends with two young students (her friend, Hereward Langerak, and Bjorn Larsson).  She made use of Hereward…

She gave birth to twins!  A boy and a girl: Harry and Charlotte.

The apartment was too small so she moved to a two-bedroomed unfurnished house.  Hereward was not the handsomest of men.  So Emily invited Bjorn over…

just to be sure.  She was determined to have a good-looking heir.

Her plans don’t stop there.  Stay tuned.