Emily Lillard wasn’t the only one to have twins.

Felice Champignon gave birth first to one girl (that’s Bjorn looking on before he headed to university):

(Romain didn’t seem to bothered too welcome his daughter…)

then another… girl.

Felice named them Elise and Brigitte.  Romain was obviously disappointed he didn’t get a boy.  Never mind – next time!

Romain visited his half-sister, Serenity, in Bluewater for the first time in his life.

He stayed for dinner.  Apart from a mother, they didn’t have a lot in common.

Serenity’s husband is now an icon, while Romain is a mere blockbuster director.  They still live in a modest house overlooking the sea and have no plans to move to a huge mansion.

Bjorn was with Romain and got on well with Serenity’s son, Tyler (who’s actually his nephew.  Serenity and Romain are his half-siblings).

Both are now at university.