It snowed a lot that winter.  Marc Champignon loved playing in the snow and making snowmen.  Unfortunately, he didn’t take a break and get some food and warmth…

He died at age 51.

Xander Larsson (who was visiting Marc’s daughter, Clarise) just looked on helplessly, then broke the news to Clarise.

Clarise’s mother felt devastated when she heard.

Even though they were divorced they still had feelings for one another and Beatrice had half hoped that Marc would take her back.  Alas, that was never to be.

Since Clarise was now on her own (older sister, Isabelle, was at uni), Beatrice and Carine packed up and moved back.

Clarise headed to uni shortly after anyway, but this way the house and contents wouldn’t be lost.  Carine appreciated having a much bigger house to live in.