It appears Anna and Michael now lost interest in Spork.  He didn’t get the attention he needed from either one of them.

Their teenage daughter, Emma, was no longer there to look after Spork.  She’d left for university.

So Mickey, the robot, now powered up, took care of him.

Anna seemed suddenly intent on getting fit.  But even when she was exhausted…

she kept going, ignoring her needs.

So naturally she was very tired and very hungry.

She was either too lazy or too tired to feed herself.  I have no sympathy for stupid Sims.

Michael and Anna’s birthdays came around.  First Michael..

then Anna.

But Anna was still starving herself, so the inevitable happened.

She was 55.

With just Michael and Spork left, Emily made her move, literally.  She moved into the mansion.  Michael’s joy at his daughter’s apparent forgiveness, turned to horror when the cops turned up to arrest him.  Emily had notified them that he was a criminal mastermind.  They weren’t too kind with him.  The son of a Captain Hero being the town’s criminal mastermind was more than they could stomach.  Michael was forced to leave still in his pyjamas.

That left Spork, who had just had a birthday.

Emily refused to be his guardian so he had to leave as well.

Emily saw them both off but got struck by lightning (as if to punish her for her cruelty).

Spork’s new home was in Bluewater village – at the Landchild Home for Rejects.

Spork was bewildered that he couldn’t get through the property gate to farewell his dad who was on his way to prison.

And so Michael came to his new home downtown,

and was locked away.

In his cell he had a kitchen, bed, bathroom and a bookshelf and chair, but it was pretty dire and Michael thought he would go mad.

Unfortunately for him, the previous resident, Waylon Menon, had made a mess and there were cockroaches everywhere.

Michael soon got sick.

He had a fear of vermin so you can imagine he wasn’t happy, and he was so tired, he fell asleep on his food.

Considering Michael is platinum he could have a long life locked away, or he could get so sick that he dies soon.

Emily had her revenge.

But the reputation of the Lillards has been further tarnished, perhaps beyond repair.