Catriona grew pregnant again.

She hoped for a girl.

Daeron, meanwhile, had learned to walk.

Catriona visited her ageing parents with Vincent.

They talked about all sorts of things, including the birth of Francis’ daughter, Francoise.  Catriona and Vincent stayed for dinner.

Catriona was worried that her parents wouldn’t be around for much longer but they’re both very happy, still in love, and look to be living on for a while yet.  Neither of them had retired from their positions as mayor or city planner.

Catriona finally had the second baby.  It was a boy they called Radu.

I think it’s the first time a DeMarr family has had more than one boy (and no girls).  Catriona was happy enough and told Vincent that she only wanted two children.  Veronaville’s population was growing fast and she didn’t want to risk one of her children being a victim of the Sim god’s next cull.

Lazaria, meanwhile, took her baby to work.

It made it back home safely, but with some strange new powers of levitation.