Isabelle Champignon did not return home (to the scene of her father’s death) after graduating from university.  She moved in with new resident Julien Cooke.  She wasn’t attracted to him at first but he grew on her and they decided to get married.  The reception was a success.

Isabelle had pillow fights with her mother, Beatrice, while Carine (Beatrice’s illegitimate daughter) looked on.

Meanwhile, Julien was perving at his new sister-in-law, Clarise, while she was on the toilet.


Bjorn Larsson was there.  He and Clarise are engaged.  They managed to have a quiet moment while the others were dancing.

Carine’s half brother, Chenet Champagne, also got married.  He had a rather grander affair at their house.  He married Samantha Menon.

Lastly, a glitch in the Arends household.  [Simon Arends was married to Portia Champignon and then Alicia Menon (Samantha’s mother)].

Alicia looks on as her daughter-in-law, Sally, is engulfed by the nanny.  Urrgh.

The problem seemed to be with the spiral staircase.  No-one would go up it but would just hang around – then you had two people doing the same thing…  so the staircase got deleted.