As I said earlier, I felt I needed to cull some Sims in order to lure me back to playing Veronaville.  When I returned after some time playing smaller neighbourhoods, I was overwhelmed at the number of households, most  of them with at least two or three children.

I started by visiting the university, where I found three students.  One was an heir for the Arends household.  Two were others surplus to requirements.  So, Harry Lillard (ugly half brother to the heir) and Fiona Champagne (youngest daughter of Arthur’s three daughters) were disposed of.

Teenagers from larger families were shipped off to university, to the “house of death”, where I send unwanted Sims to drown in the pool.  Drownings included: Andy Arends (younger brother of the heir and one of a family of five); Anthony Monty (uglier twin brother), Françoise Champignon (oldest of three); and Cecile Champignon (one of Romain’s younger twin girls).  I had thought about drowning Cecile’s twin sister, Sabine, but Max, the flat’s long-term resident, had been there so long he graduated (in Physics without any help from me).  I therefore made Sabine the falt’s resident, to oversee future culls and send the graves to their respective graveyards in Bluewater village.  A horrible job, but someone’s got to do it.

To cut down on the number of households, I shipped the Larssen elders off to a retirement home overlooking the sea in Bluewater village.  The late Fiona Champagne’s parents joined them.  Helene, wife of one of the Larssen brothers, is Arthur Champagne’s last surviving sibling.  Also with them was Eva Larssen, who is currently unemployed and without a love interest.  I don’t know what to do with her.  Perhaps she can just cook and clean for the oldies.

I will have to play some of the other families before deciding on any further culls.