It all started when Bjorn Larssen’s wife Clarise caught him hugging Emily Lillard who was visiting.  They fought several times.  It seemed that Clarise, surprisingly, had a mild attraction to Emily’s partner, Hereward Langerak, father to the recently deceased student Harry Lillard.  She invited him over while Emily was still there and purposely flirted with him in front of Emily.  This, of course, caused Emily to fight with Hereward.


Clarise asked Emily to leave but she was back the next morning.  Clarise then broke up with Bjorn who moved in with Emily.


More fights at the Lillard house.



Hereward felt obliged to move out and is now living with Clarise and her son.  Emily claims that she wanted Bjorn to get to know their son, Jerry, who is nearly old enough to attend university.


It all happened very quickly.  Half-brother and former neighbour of Bjorn, the icon, Romain Champignon, says he is still in shock.  He thought the couple were still in love.