The Monty family have not had a good time.

Beatrice Monty died at age 72.  She was living with her daughter, Carine, Carine’s husband Jason Larson (not to be confused with the Larssen family) and their combined family of Jason’s twins (minus the deceased Anthony) and Carine’s twins (whose father was Nils Larssen – all very complicated).  Carine was not coping at all with looking after the toddlers after her mother died.


She is now also pregnant and is continually tired and hungry.

Beatrice’s older daughter, Isabelle Cooke, died at age 47 from exhaustion after being on the exercycle too long.  If Sims are dumb enough to ignore hunger and fatigue, then I’m tempted to let them kill themselves.  Julien Cooke, her husband, lost his job on the same day and is upset and unemployed.  Beatrice’s middle daughter, Clarise, just broke up with Bjorn, as mentioned in the last post.  It’s all very traumatic for them.