As you know from the previous post, Romain and Felice Champignon grew to elders and Brigitte graduated, and married Daeron DeMarr.

Romain and Felice before ageing

Romain and Felice before ageing

This couple is always in platinum, so they can be a little boring.  They’re both at the top of their career – Romain is an icon, and Felice is “the law”.

So, we’ll talk about their daughter Elise, who was also at Academie le Tour.  While Brigitte was attracted to Sam, Elise didn’t really have anyone she was attracted to.  Unlike Brigitte, she inherited the blonde genes and was attracted to blond.  Fortunately for her, Brigitte moved her attention to Daeron, so Sam was free.

Sam wonders what went wrong

Sam wonders what went wrong

Elise moved in on him.



They hit it  off straight away.  Sam was used to blondes as well.

Sam was older by two years and graduated before Elise.  As his mother was still having babies, there was no room at home, so he bought a small house opposite the Lillard mansion.

Sally, already aged, waiting for her youngest to grow to a toddler.

Sally, already aged, waiting for her youngest to grow to a toddler.

Elise finally graduated and threw a party.  She invited Sam as well as her parents and brother.  She introduced Sam to Romain.


Sam took the opportunity to ask an important question.  Romain assented and Sam proposed.


(That’s Elise’s brother Cheverny hoeing into the snacks.)

Back at Veronaville, Elise moved in with Sam.  Even though it was winter, Elise couldn’t wait for the wedding.  She heard about the new fashions and chose herself a beautiful wedding dress (a white version of Brigitte’s black).



Everyone waited, but Sam didn’t do anything.  He started wandering off, but went back, but had his back to the guests, strangely.



The guests:


From left: Cheverny, Hereward Langerak, Felice, Tim Arends, and Romain.  Sam hadn’t invited his mother.  He felt she should be with the three young children.  She had neglected Sam and his younger brother, Andy (Andy drowned while at uni), so had no real affection for her.

It snowed, but the bride and groom stayed outside to eat.


They settled into a happily married life, without any immediate plans for children.


As for Cheverny, he already has two girlfriends: one of them Vasilia DeMarr, daughter of Lucia; the other Lafitte Champagne, a distant cousin (granddaughter of the late Remy, who was grandson to Artois).


Cheverny approaches Vasilia for a smooch.