Things had settled down after Hereward moved out.  Jerry got to know his dad better before heading off to university.

Bjorn waves goodbye to Jerry.

Bjorn waves goodbye to Jerry.


Emily grew to an elder not long after.  She’s near the top of her dance career.


Hereward, meanwhile, moved in with Clarise and Bjorn’s younger son, Lars.  Clarise had felt sorry for him and there was plenty of room in the house.  Bjorn, who I think is business tycoon or at least CEO, was permitted to visit and see his son.  Clarise kept away.




Clarise found herself feeling more for Hereward than intended and he really liked her.  He shyly proposed expecting her to say no, but she accepted and is now Mrs Langerak.  Hereward is delighted to finally be married.  (They married without ceremony or photos.)