Romain decided to have a party, both to celebrate the anniversary of his marriage to Felice, and to reacquaint himself with friends and family.  They’d both been quite lonely after Cheverny left for university – the house felt empty.

Romain invited several people – his daughters, Brigitte and Elise (and their husbands), his son, Cheverny, his second cousin, Hyacinth Delarosa, his half-brother, Bjorn, and distant cousin, Francis Champignon, among others.


Unfortunately, Felice left for work in the middle of it, so it was left to Romain to entertain his guests.

A toast to the absent Felice

A toast to the absent Felice

From left: Elise, Bjorn, William Champignon, Hyacinth, Daeron DeMarr, Romain, Brigitte, Cheverny, Francis.

Hyacinth Delarosa

Hyacinth Delarosa

Romain and Cheverny

Romain and Cheverny

Romain talking to a pregnant Brigitte (with Daeron looking on)

Romain talking to a pregnant Brigitte (with Daeron looking on)

Unfortunately for Romain, Francis didn’t see eye to eye with him,


and even Elise treated him with scorn.


What was going on?  Had he lost his touch?

Sam Arends (husband of Elise) meanwhile, was very happy to have married into a rich family.


The party was a great success nevertheless, and Romain was sad to see them go.


The other party was at Academie le Tour for Cheverny’s graduation.  He graduated in Economics, I think – something to do with business, which is his passion.  The creative genes passed him by.


It was unfortunate that the guests had arrived by the time he decided to wash himself at the kitchen sink.


However, all dressed and ready, he served food as if nothing had happened.



Above and below, Cheverny talking to his fiancée, Lafitte Champagne.


Cheverny and William Champignon

Cheverny and William Champignon


Felice and Romain ignoring their future daughter-in-law

Romain and Felice caught up with their other daughter, Sabine, who was caretaker at the house of death.

The bored, and horse-like, Sabine

The bored, and horse-like, Sabine

Is it any wonder their god relegated her to a prolonged life at university.  At least she was alive.  Cecile had drowned at the same house.

Meanwhile, at Elise’s house, Sam found that Brigitte still held a candle for him.  When she visited (uninvited) she lunged at Sam.


Luckily Elise wasn’t around.

The twins are pretty much left to themselves.



Elise was delighted to find another was on the way.


Her want: to marry off six children, which is against god’s new law of two children maximum.  Will she get it?  She has, after all, already broken the law.