Brigitte got pregnant again.  It was important to the family that there be a male heir.

Valeria quickly grew to a toddler.


Radu visited the family but they didn’t pay him much attention.


However, Vincent gave him a gift of one of two death phones in case he wanted to resurrect someone or create a zombie…


The gift was unexpected, so Radu was happy.


Valeria learned to walk and talk but, even with four adults in the house, they often forgot about her and she ended up sleeping in the kennel a couple of times.





As for the extended family, there were three weddings.  All the students had returned from university.  First up was Juanita and James Champignon.  On their return from university, they moved in with James’ parents who had just moved house (purchasing a house that had once belonged to ancestor, François Champignon).


I think she’s my most attractive game-born Sim.


James admires the dress…

Next, Lucia’s daughter, Vasilia, who married Gauthier Champagne.  She had a more traditional white wedding.


The bride and groom

The bride and groom

Guests included Cheverny Champignon and his fiancée Lafitte (twin sister of Gauthier Champagne).



Sadly for Vasilia, her mother, Lucia, died not long after at the age of 65.  Bronson is now a teenager and continues to live with the now twice-widowed Julien.

Lastly, the marriage of the youngest of the DeMarr-Perez family, Diego, to Tina Arends.



Diego hadn’t wanted to move in with his parents, so they bought a home of their own.  It was expensive so they didn’t have much furniture in it.


Parents of the groom, Carlos and Lazaria to the right

There was no money for fancy wedding arrangements either.  For the wedding ‘feast’ – sandwiches…


However, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.


Tina wondered where all the guests had gone

Tina wondered where all the guests had gone

Sadly, not long after this wedding, Carlos died, age 65.  Lazaria invited Diego and Tina to live in the house, as she’d decided to move to the retirement home.  They did so a little reluctantly, as they were looking forward to gradually furnishing their brightly-coloured Rubik’s-cubed home.