All was going pretty well at the DeMarr household.


The kids: baby, toddler, child

Before long Vlad had his birthday which was celebrated by the family.



Vlad has his mother’s blue eyes.  More on that later.


The kids played well together.


Demona could be a handful.


Daeron seemed to think a day at his cult would do her good.





Luckily they magically teleported back home after the helicopter had taken off.  Demona would not have survived so long away from home as she was pretty hungry and tired.  As it was she often slept in the old dog basket.


Vincent often looked after her though.


Vlad was the first ever child born in the DeMarr family with blue eyes.  Daeron couldn’t handle it.  To him it was like a deformity (to which Brigitte took offence).  He couldn’t bear to see his own son, as if he were alien.  Blue eyes for a DeMarr was just unnatural.  He planned to get Brigitte pregnant again to try for a brown-eyed boy.

Meanwhile, Radu had had a lonely time in his tiny house.  He’d got a cat to keep him company (a calico called Toulouse) and visited the magic house in which an evil witch was concocting potions.


Radu had started studying the dark arts but hadn’t got there yet.  (He’s in his work clothes in the picture above.)

So, rather than feel squeamish at seeing his blue-eyed son everyday, Daeron took him to Radu’s place for company, and returned home with the hope of begetting a brown-eyed son instead.


Vlad seemed a little bewildered at his new surroundings,


and Radu seemed equally confused as to what to do with him.


He was tired so he went up to sleep on it, leaving Vlad to get up to mischief.

Vlad eats the cat food

Vlad eats the cat food

Vlad squashes Toulouse

Vlad squashes Toulouse

With the extra money Daeron had brought, Radu decided to buy a bigger house (one with two bedrooms and room for his cauldron).  He found that slowly, reluctantly, he was beginning to get attached to his nephew.

Meanwhile, back at Daeron’s, Demona had a birthday, growing to school age.  At the same time, Vincent cult leader), died, age 75.  I didn’t even witness it, I was so intent on Demona’s birthday.