Nothing much happening at the Lillard household.  Peter learned to play chess with his dad.


Everything was ticking along nicely, with Brenda getting a promotion.

It was then the twins’ birthday.  First Penny.


Then Peter.


That’s the best-looking Lillard heir for many generations (apart from Jerry, his dad), probably since Alex, Peter’s four times great-grandfather.  Emily’s plan to improve the genes worked.

Alexandra will soon be going to university.


Meanwhile, the wife of Bjorn’s son, Lars, has had a baby boy, but it’s not Lars’.  She was seen on a date with Daeron DeMarr but he’s not the father either.  The father, surprisingly, is Bobby Arends (one of six children of the late Sally Arends (nee Champignon and Bjorn’s former ‘girlfriend’).

And here I should note the death of Lars’ former stepfather, Hereward Langerak.  He died at the retirement home, age 72.  He had a few brief years with his young wife, Eve.


Eve is now an elder herself.  Her daughter, Helen, has gone to university, leaving only Eve and Matt at the retirement home.

Eve was never happy with her looks.  She always thought she was ugly compared to her prettier sister, Siouxsie.   She decided, on turning 54, that she would use the cosmetic surgery machine, which a former resident had left there.

Eve before surgery

Eve before surgery


Eve after surgery


She was very happy with the result.  She went for a fuller face, which made her look younger.  She wondered if Matt would notice.