I mentioned James Champignon in the last post.  He, and his twin brother, William, are descendants of François from generations back.  If you’ve been reading this blog from the beginning (which is unlikely), you’ll know that the family started with Raoul Champignon, the mad scientist.  He had three sons, Jean-Philippe, François and twin, Pierre.  The Pierre line has died out.  I’ve been following Jean-Philippe’s line on this blog but still, of course, play the François line.  [Check out the family tree from the link on the left for details.]

James’ less handsome brother, William, married a woman much older than himself as she seemed to be the only woman interested in him (he wasn’t a great success with women).  He had taken pity on the older woman, Cate, as she had been ditched by her then husband after she had an affair with a married man and produced a child (making her leave their legitimate daughter with him).  So William’s wife was already mother to two girls, one of which William raised as his own.  William and Cate had a son, Oliver. Cate grew old, and William still had years before he turned into an elder.  He began having affairs with younger women


and got caught out.  However, those women were married, so there was no future in the relationships.  Cate was prepared to put up with infidelity provided she didn’t know about it.  She was old, he was young.  But then William met the young and single Jodie Larson

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William didn’t want to live with the old Cate any more.  Besides, they had begun fighting.

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He broke up with her.

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The kids were not happy.

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Cate went to live with her twin sister for a while.  Mary-Sue chose to stay on with her stepfather even though she wasn’t pleased.  She would soon head to university anyway. William talked to his son about Jodie – that he intended marrying her and that she would, of course, move in

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Just to be extra sure (William was insecure when it came to women), he purchased a love potion before proposing to Jodie.



They had a private wedding ceremony

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William was very happy.  Life settled down

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William made sure to spend some time with his son.  Mary-Sue, meanwhile, headed off to uni.


The inevitable happened .


Oliver grew to a teen.


He looks just like his father.

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