A branch of the Champignon family is the Champagne family.  As nothing much has been happening in the three main families, I include their story here. Vasilia, married to Gauthier Champagne (and daughter of a DeMarr woman), had had an affair with the infamous Adam Mountebank.  Gauthier (whose sister, incidentally, is married to Cheverny Champignon) found out.

He was not happy.  He had his suspicions about his wife’s new pregnancy, but it wasn’t until the baby was born, that they were confirmed.

It was humilating for him that his parents also discovered the new grandson was not theirs. He had a discussion with Vasilia.  He gave her three options: put the baby up for adoption (which endangered the other children); leave with the baby and never have contact with their other children; or that Gauthier would overlook this flirtation if he took the baby to its father.  Vasilia begged for him to let the baby stay.

She lost the argument.

Gauthier took the baby away.

He delivered it on a snowy night, abandoning it to its fate.

Amazingly, a nanny was passing and took the child inside.

Gauthier’s father, Chenet, died soon after, so it was not a happy time.

The twins mourned his loss.

Gauthier had allowed Vasilia to stay if she forgot about her son and did not cheat on him again.  Stay tuned.