Alexandra went off to university.

While there she met Kevin Arends, one of six kids of Sam and Elise (twin boys, twin girls, and two younger boys).

Evidently, I forgot to take photos while at uni.  They got engaged and were offered a house to live in, opposite the Lillard mansion.  It was the home of an old man who still lived there.  He offered it free to them provided he could live there until his death.  His wife had left him and moved to the retirement home.  His good friend, Seamus, with whom he had lived, had died.  His daughter had died at university.  He was old and lonely.

The couple moved in and celebrated the wedding in the garden.

Alexandra wore the wedding gown that belonged to her mother-in-law, Elise.

The guests – Kevin’s family.

From left: Kevin’s sister Serena, ? (can’t remember – Kevin’s dad?), Kevin’s twin brother, Kim, Alexandra’s parents, sister Cecilia, Elise, and younger brother, either Ray or Rick.

Cake was cut and shared.

A successful wedding – the first of six.  Elise wanted all her children to marry to achieve a lifetime want.  Kim married Veronica Monty shortly afterwards.  Two down, four to go.

That left Peter and Penny back at the Lillard house.

Their story next time.