I’ve left it too long to update the DeMarr family and have forgotten the circumstances surrounding the following pics.

Vlad, the younger, as a toddler










Valeria and grandmother. Demona playing.

Vlad, the younger, grown to school age

Demona grown to teenager

Valeria with boy friends.

Valeria headed off to uni.

Grandmother, Catriona, died.  She was an ecological guru, and died at age 80.

Sadly, Valeria drowned while at university.  (Another regional cull had started.)

Vlad senior, meanwhile, was adopted by Kane and Xanadu Hunter of Bluewater village.  They dyed  his hair blond to look more like their own child.  They already had a daughter, the same age, with brown hair.  His name is now Vlad Hunter.  A name or an occupation?  Hmmm.