It’s been so long since I updated the Champignon family and much has happened, even after the events in this and the next post.  I need to catch up!

Cheverny’s mother, Felice, died at the ripe age of 82.  The household were upset, naturally.

She was retired from “The Law”.

Not long after that, the kids grew up and Lafitte reached the top of her career as mad scientist.  As an experiment she changed her looks on the cosmetic surgery machine and ate lots of food so she ended up being fat and (in Cheverny’s opinion) ugly.

Pre-fat days

Giselle had grown to a teenager but she thought she was hot and also gave herself a makeover (clothes, haircut and makeup only).

Chantal thought she was stupid.

Chantal and Sebastien were now teenagers (you can see Chantal in the background above).

Giselle went off to university (where sadly she drowned in the pool).  Chantal wasn’t at all upset by her sister’s death.  Now she was free to be herself without being teased.

Chantal’s first kiss

Sebastien, meanwhile, hung out with his dad.

Developments in the next blog post.