You might remember Vasilia from a previous post about the Champagne family.  Her adulterous ways were not over.

Cheverny, no longer attracted to his mad scientist wife, rather fancied Vasilia, and came onto her.

She was actually Lafitte’s sister-in-law.

Lafitte found out and confronted Cheverny.

He made a decision.

He didn’t want to be married to Lafitte anymore.

He asked her to leave.

He ignored her pleas and walked off.  It was done.

Lafitte moved in with her brother, the husband of Cheverny’s lover.  Vasilia, meanwhile, moved out and moved in with Cheverny.

The kids were not impressed (except for Chantal who hated her mother anyway).  (Sorry, this was before Giselle left for university and was killed – I forget the order of events after so long.)

Sadly (for some) Lafitte subsequently exercised herself to death, in a belated attempt to get slim again, and died age 50 at her brother’s home.