Life in the DeMarr household seemed to be going along quite happily.  The twins were at the top of their class.

Daeron invited family over for a party to cheer things up a bit since the departure  of Demona (and the death of Valeria).

Demona and uncle, Radu

However, Brigitte wasn’t joining any celebrations.  Only three of her five children were there.  She had accepted the death of her daughter, Valeria, but she still mourned the loss of her first son, Vlad, who had been adopted out, and was resentful still.

She wondered about her life.  Was this all there now was?  Cooking for males?  Her eco work only used up three days of the week.  She found herself unhappy for the rest of the week at home.  It wasn’t any surprise, then, that she fell for a handsome young man who visited.

He was young enough to be her son but it didn’t matter to her.  This new feeling for someone gave her renewed interest in life.  It was with delight that Brigitte found him there when she returned home from work one day, but Daeron was home and saw it all.

Brigitte slapped right back, reminding him of his illegitimate son.

But now it seemed impossible to continue living together.

Daeron tried to work off the increasing anger.

When that didn’t work, he tried to sleep on it, but ultimately his decision was already made.

Brigitte left, taking nothing with her.  She moved into the retirement home in Bluewater village where the retired orphanage caretaker, Mavis Snipes, lived with college dean, Geoffrey Saylesbury.  They were very kind to her and welcomed her warmly.  Brigitte changed her look, to distance herself from the DeMarr family, but she was still in shock at all that had happened.

The drama wasn’t ending there though.

Zev, in a moment of stupidity, tried to eat the lucious cake on offer from the cowplant one day when he was feeling hungry after school.  The inevitable happened.

Daeron discovered what had happened,

and went to tell Vlad, but found it difficult.

Vlad was having fun spying on the neighbours.

However, he had to tell him, and did so.

Naturally, Zev’s twin was upset.  They had been close.

Brigitte was also devastated when she found out.  Now she only had two children.

Then Vlad had an idea.  The death phone had stood in the hallway all his life and he’d never seen it used, but it was said you could call death and bring someone you loved back to life.  He tried it out.

When death actually answered, Vlad was shocked.  It worked!  But when death demanded money, Vlad was so flustered he only offered 200 Simoleons (which to Vlad was a lot).  Death was scornful and hung up.  Vlad tried again, this time offering 2,000 Simoleons.  Death accepted it this time, but said not to expect Zev to be quite the same…

He wasn’t.

Daeron was furious.  They had enough money to have been able to offer more but Vlad, in his eagerness to get Zev back, had ruined it.  Secretly, however, Daeron wondered why he hadn’t thought of that before.  After the initial shock, Zev was accepted, although seemingly invisible.

During this time, oblivous to most of what was happening, Demona was studying at university.  She met a dark handsome student that she immediately fell in love with, and accepted his proposal.

She heard about her parents’ breakup and didn’t have the heart to continue at uni, so dropped out.  Her beau followed her.  They decided to live downtown, away from Brigitte’s parents and found a large apartment in a brand new apartment block.

Then Demona heard about Zev’s death and was shattered.  Her fiance, Vin, chose the wrong moment to ask her to marry him in the apartment and she refused, too upset.  Vin was angry and it will take a long time before he asks again.  It almost seems like no member of the DeMarr family will be happy.  Is the family cursed?  Some of them wonder.