Peter and Penny went off to university.  Penny had no trouble finding a potential partner, the second to youngest of the Arends brothers, Ray.  They didn’t quite hit it off at first,

but Penny, who was enamoured, persevered,

until finally Ray proposed.

Penny accepted.

Peter, who had been a reasonable looking teenager, grew uglier as a university student.

No women seemed interested in him and it was up to him to continue the family line.  A family friend offered the use of the cosmetic surgery machine for Peter to improve his looks.

He gave it a try.

He checked out the result…

and thought he looked pretty bloody awesome.

As a result who could take his pick of adoring females but liked the look of Sarah Phillips.

She, in turn, liked Peter and happily accepted his proposal of marriage.

(Why are they always in pyjamas when proposing?)

University study passed quickly and the twins returned to Veronaville.  Penny moved into a small house with Rick (where she married Rick in a private ceremony), and Peter returned home with his fiancée, Sarah.

Poor old Bjorn didn’t get to see his grandson get married.  He was preparing the garden for the ceremony when death came for him.  He was 80 years old.

Jerry was upset.  (He and Brenda had obviously been having a nap, or maybe Jerry had been relaxing in the spa pool.)

If Bjorn had lived a little longer he would have been the first Sim to see the birth of a great-grandchild (Alexandra gave birth to a son, Samuel, just before Peter’s wedding).

Sarah had arranged to wear a veil at the wedding but for some reason forgot to wear it at the ceremony.

The newlyweds discussed their future over cake.  “Shall I be a school teacher?” Peter asked. Sarah wasn’t so sure, although she didn’t know what she wanted to do either.  Neither of them had found a job yet.

Peter suggested to Sarah that she wear the veil for subsequent wedding photos.

Aww, sweet.

And some photos on their own, looking rather serious and formal.

It turned out being a great wedding party.

Peter checks out his sister, Alexandra, who he hadn’t seen for a few years.