Last we saw Penny Lillard, she was at university making out with Ray Arends.

They returned from university and found a small house and got married.  Penny got pregnant almost immediately.  She had intended to have children later, after establishing herself in a career.

She was very unhappy.


The house was very basic and she had been used to living in the Lillard mansion.


She gave birth to a daughter that her husband, Ray, called Raylene.  She knew her parents would shudder.


Sadly Penny went into decline and died, leaving Ray alone with his baby daughter.

A bit about the Arends family:  The Arends were a large and well-off family.  Elise’s father had been an icon and Elise herself was a blockbuster director.  She started her career late in life as she gave birth to six children with Sam Arends, who became the mayor of Veronaville.  They had four sons and two daughters.  The six children were married off (as was Elise’s lifetime wish).  The girls (twins) live together in a large house with their husbands and a baby daughter each.  The eldest son, Kevin, married Alexandra Lillard.  His twin, Kim, had married Veronica Monty.  Before tragedy struck, Elise and Sam invited them all for a family get-together in the new house they’d just bought.


From left: Ray, Rick, Sam and Kim


Above: Rick, Ray, Serena, and Cecilia’s husband, Phil.


Above: Rick, Ceclia, Serena, and Phil.

Rick had just married a Sim he’d met at university, Lucy Holloway.


From left: Sam, Kevin, Rick, Ray, Serena and Phil.

Finally below, the two brothers who would die:


Rick and Kim.

Sam died at age 70.  Elise was now alone, but had her men friends, one of whom was her twin sister’s ex-husband, Daeron DeMarr.


So back to the tragedy.  After Penny’s death, Ray moved, with his baby daughter, into Rick and Lucy’s house.  Kim and Veronica had just had a little boy, called Ronnie (not very imaginative names, I warn you).  Tragically, Kim and Veronica died in a house fire.  Elise was there visiting so rescued the boy and brought him to Ray and Rick.  Ray offered to bring up the boy as he was the same age as Raylene.  Then Rick died of a mysterious illness leaving Lucy pregnant.  Lucy gave birth to a girl she called Rikki.  So Ray and Lucy ended up together with three young children.


It was full on and Ray, who had a basic entry-level job, didn’t have time to work towards a promotion.


Rikki quickly grew to a toddler a couple of years before the older two would start school.


A cutie.


The older two sometimes fought (especially over milk).


Raylene’s fair hair had turned to her mother’s red by the time she started school (and she’s not looking too happy either).


With money from life insurance and the older two now at school, Ray and Lucy were able to improve the very basic kitchen and look forward to a more settled life.  They had shared a lot between them and grown close.  Ray figured that Lucy and he should remain together.


Not the most romantic of proposals but there was little time to prepare.


Lucy had wanted to remarry, and was very glad it was Rick’s brother, Ray.


(Just as well, because she’s now pregnant with Ray’s child!)