While her husband and father-in-law were at work, Claire wandered round the house and found a brass lamp lying in a corner.  It looked a little dull so she rubbed it, and to her astonishment a genie appeared.  He told her she had three wishes.  She was just thinking what she might want when she went into labour.


The genie was getting a bit tired of waiting.


Sebastien arrived home and saw baby and impatient genie.  “She just had a baby, dude!”


Claire handed the little boy to Sebastien and asked the genie for peace of mind before dismissing him.  Sebastien waited patiently.  “Come on, is it a girl or boy?”

“A boy” Claire smiled.  “I wondered whether to call him Rene or Xavier.”  “I like Xavier” said Sebastien.

So Xavier it was.


A pretty contented baby.


Cheverny was very happy to have a grandson.


That wasn’t to be Cheverny’s only grandchild.

Chantal continued to see Amir Diwan when Arturo wasn’t around.


But by then she’d already gotten pregnant.


She was alone when she went into labour.


She had a little girl she called Chantilly.  Unfortunately for Arturo, it wasn’t his.


She called Andy Arends and gave him the news.  Andy came round to see his new daughter.  (Andy is a cousin to the other Arends previously mentioned.)


He doesn’t seem sure what to do with it.  Change the nappy perhaps?

Andy was still there when Arturo got home.  He wasn’t best pleased and slapped his wife.


Chantal slapped him back, calling him a loser.


Andy left discreetly, leaving them to it.  Chantal stormed upstairs, leaving Arturo alone outside.


His life was a mess.  He’d lost his dream job and his new wife had been sleeping around.  The baby he’d looked forward to wasn’t even his.

The next evening it was Chantal who told Arturo she wanted a divorce.


She was sick of living in a small, barely-furnished house with an unemployed husband.  Arturo, dismayed, left in shock.  However, Chantal moved out anyway.  She hated the house.

Arturo wanted to remain there but had to buy the house back.  He had so little money left after he moved that he couldn’t afford to eat, and died of starvation.

Andy lived in Bluewater village with his old uni friend, Max Champagne.  Max had just invited his girlfriend to move in.  He knew that Andy had always loved Chantal and had been heartbroken when she married Arturo.  He had advised Andy to find someone else but Andy lived in hope and had continued to see Chantal (as we now know).   Nevertheless, Max waited until Andy was out before proposing to his townie girlfriend, Genesis.


Andy came home with the news that Chantal and Arturo had split up.  Chantal had told him that she wanted to live with him.  Andy was worried about the house being big enough.  “No worries, Genesis and I are going to move in with my parents and get married.”  They congratulated each other.


Max and Genesis left and Chantal arrived with their daughter soon after.  However, she didn’t want to stay in that house.  “Come with me”.  She took Andy by the hand and out the back door and pointed.  “See that house down there?”  “The one with the helicopter?”  “Yes.  Let’s move there.  It’s fully furnished.”  Andy laughed nervously.  “We can’t afford that.”  Chantal smiled.  “My dad will give me the balance we need.”  So, to Andy’s astonishment they ended up in a cool house overlooking the sea.  How his life had turned around!


He was so thrilled he proposed to Chantal after they returned from a celebratory meal at the Restaurant d’Amour.


Neither of them particularly wanted a formal wedding.  Chantal had done that and the marriage hadn’t lasted.  Andy didn’t think his parents would mind as long as he was happy.

So they married at the back of the house overlooking the sea.  It was perfect.




News of Arturo’s death didn’t bother Chantal at all.