Toddler, Charlotte would get quite grumpy as the adults were a bit slow to either feed her or get her out of the high chair.



Sarah was pregnant again so was often tired and hungry.  Finally the day came.


It was another girl, called Emma.  Emma was put down on the floor unceremoniously as Sarah went to the toilet urgently and others were busy elsewhere.


So much for the welcome of a second daughter.

Jerry had only just put his new granddaughter in the cot, and emptied the potty, when Death came calling.



He was just 70, recently retired prestidigitator.  (Peter mourning in the background.)

Jerry never got to meet his illegitimate daughter, who he only recently discovered existed.  Jerry, along with Cheverny Champignon, had visited the house of ill repute.  Both now had illegitimate daughters thanks to a bad batch of condoms (so the women said).  Helen Larsson, the mother of Jerry’s daughter, named the girl Alexa.

Alexa was now of an age to go to school.  As the house she lived in was a ‘business’, Helen thought it best that Alexa go to a boarding school.  She broke the news to the precocious child.


Alexa was a bit uncertain about the news, and even more so when they arrived at the school.


While Helen was filling out details on the computer, Alexa asked if she really had to stay there.


The headmaster of the school was Oliver Champignon (son of William), now a plantsim.  He was there to console Alexa if necessary when Helen departed.


As soon as Helen left, Oliver ensured that Alexa was rid of the makeup on her face and any fancy clothing.  Standards were to be upheld.  He liked the transformation.


Now she looked more like a normal kid.

Over breakfast the next morning, Alexa asked if he were an alien because he was green.


“No, I’m a nature sim” he said, and showed her the trees and vegetables at the back of the property, which he talked to.  They were all in very good condition.

Oliver made sure that Alexa learned all she may previously have missed out on.


Alexa subsequently did very well at school and was proud of her efforts.


A friend of hers came over – none other than Raylene Arends, Alexa’s niece!


Little did they know.

Meanwhile, back at the house of ill repute, Helen was glad to be free of a demanding child so she could concentrate on getting more patrons in.



Oliver popped by to report on Alexa’s progress.  Here was an opportunity.  Helen used her charms.



More money earned…