I haven’t updated this blog since September.  Unfortunately, when I stopped blogging, I had not got around to uploading the latest.  Since then I haven’t played, and have been busy with “real life”, so my memory is not what it should be.  I rely on this blog to jog my memory of the latest in Veronaville but, if I haven’t blogged the latest, I’m in a bit of quandary when viewing the neighbourhood pictures.

I was up to the Lillard family.  There are a half dozen pictures waiting and I’m not sure of the circumstances surrounding them.  Damn.  According to the family tree there are three daughters: Charlotte, Emma, and Petra.  Petra appears to be the latest addition.  So Sarah had got pregnant for a third time, hoping for a boy.  For what it’s worth, here are pictures of the family:


Unusually, Sarah was able to go to work when pregnant.



I’m assuming these are Charlotte and Emma.

Charlotte learned to walk.


I then assume she had a birthday. 🙂



Unfortunately, my next couple of posts will be as confused until I play the game again and reacquaint myself with them all.  Will the Lillards try for a boy?  Or did the Sim god (me) make a new rule about the number of children Sims could have?  I suspect I did.