I have since played Veronaville but have forgotten about the blog.  So, again, I will have to remember what the subject of each (older) photo is about and what’s happened since.  When we last saw the Lillards, they had three daughters and tried for a son, despite the new rule that a maximum of two children were allowed (or three if one of the births resulted in twins).  Failure to adhere to this rule meant that the third child would go to boarding school and the fourth and subsequent children would go to a poorhouse in Bluewater.  The inmates of the poorhouse would grow up to populate a new poor area downtown.

Well, the Lillards were no exception in ignoring this rule.

Sarah gave birth to a fourth child, the longed-for son, who they named Richard.



Things were a bit hectic, with Petra still a toddler.


Peter helped out when he could…


but Sarah decided to employ a nanny.

Well, we all know nannies are pretty useless, but this one took the cake…


calmly walking away from a fire, not in the least bothered, even when the fireman told her to be more careful.


Sarah sacked her.

Emma was school age,


so the Lillards got a visit, informing them that now they were of school age that one of the children had to go to boarding school and one to the poorhouse.  Sarah took the decision for Emma to go to the poorhouse as she looked exactly the same as Charlotte.  Peter was devastated.



Emma did wonder why she was being left behind in a less-than-comfortable “boarding” school.


When Petra came of age, she was sent off to boarding school where the kids are much happier and do well.

Richard quickly grew to a toddler.


Charlotte grew to a teen and she thought it had become so quiet without the two girls.


So, now we’re up to date with the Lillards, it’s time to head back to the other two families and catch up.