It was Daeron’s wish that Vlad become a vampire.  There hadn’t been one in the family for generations.

It took a while for Vlad to find a vampire to turn him.  But eventually he did.





It was done.  He was a mad scientist which fitted in nicely with his new nocturnal activity.  He offered to turn his wife, Miranda, but she refused.  She wasn’t keen on the idea at all.

Vlad’s uncle Radu’s end was near.  He stopped being an evil witch just before his death.



He was 76.  His wife, the much younger Merisha (who hasn’t reached elderhood yet), didn’t seem too upset at his passing.  Perhaps she had a replacement in mind.  However, she did miss him, now that Ivan was at university, so she got a kitten.


A tragic postscript here: Ivan completed his degree and returned home but when the Sim god returned, his face had disappeared, to be replaced with a flashing blue blob.  Not good, so he had to go.  He was eaten by the cow plant.  Unfortunately, he had a fiancee back at uni, but she has since fallen in love with someone else and got engaged again.  Here endeth the line of Radu.