Some time ago it was revealed that Jerry Lillard had fathered a daughter, Alexa, by one of the prostitutes.  Alexa went to boarding school, then onto university.  She recently returned to Veronaville and bought the old Arends house which had fallen into disrepair.  Her fiance, townie Houston Mazza, joined her.  Her moving in opposite the Lillard mansion caused quite a stir.  Peter, Alexa’s older half-brother, did not attend the wedding, but his wife, Sarah, did.  Next door neighbour, Kevin Arends also went to the wedding.  His wife, Alexandra (nee Lillard) also did not attend, but Kevin was curious to see inside the house where he grew up.


Above, old prostitute Ellie-May, her daughter, Cara (Cheverny Champignon’s illegitimate daughter), Sarah Lillard and some young man I can’t remember.  (Kevin’s popping inside to have a nosey around.)

Alexa’s mother, Helen, turns up late to the wedding.


The nuptials.


Her new name, Alexa Mazza, is a bit of a mouthful.

Kevin talks to Ellie-May.


She’s mutton dressed as lamb.  Flynn Mountebank is somewhat bemused by her.


The bride is now pregnant, but at least she got married first, unlike her mother and grandmother before her.