The DeMarr family have reached 10 generations (if you don’t count the change in surname).  Advance apologies for the picture quality.

It all started with Manon and Shannon Collie in the first days of Veronaville.  They lived in a house opposite Veronaville Market.


Gen 1: Manon COLLIE

What Manon did for a living is lost in the mists of time.  The couple had five children: three boys and two girls: Mellon, Ben, Steven, Helen and Ken.  Ben’s line died out with his grandchildren, Len and Denim. Manon died, age 76.

His next son, Steven, married townie, Marie Rossi. Unfortunately, there isn’t a good picture of Steven.  No-one remembers what Steven did for a living either.  He died age 69.


Gen 2: Steven COLLIE

Marie and Steven had one child, Kenny.


Gen 3. Kenny COLLIE

Kenny looked very like his father.  Records are lost for him too, as to what he did for a job.  He had a brief affair with Melody Tinker and they produced a daughter, Lyrica.  It was Kenny, however, who married a vampire:  Contessa Adriana Tan.  He changed his name to hers, and they produced a son: Damien.  Kenny died, age 72.


Gen 4: Damien TAN

Damien had more of his mother’s looks.  Here records get better.  Damien is recorded as having been a cult leader, and he became a vampire in turn.


Damien married Marla Biggs and they had two daughters: Demonica and Romania.  However, Damien divorced Marla, as he had spotted the beautiful Serena DeMarr.  They had four children – four girls and a boy: Lithia, Ebony, Amphyra, and Luka.  The family moved to the Summerdream house.  There is no record of how old Damien was before he died, but he lived to a great age, only killing himself while still a vampire.  By then he was a great-grandfather.

Here he is dreading the sun while painting a picture of his wife (sadly the painting was lost).


Luka’s first wife was Ginger Newson.  Luka was also a vampire, possibly also a cult leader (there is no record).  Again, no good picture is on record.


Gen. 5: Luka DEMARR

Together they had two girls and a boy: Erike, Sorrow, and Drako.  (Sorrow went on to cause havoc in the Champignon family.)

In a strange twist of fate, the granddaughter of Romania (Damien’s daughter by Marla) married Luka DeMarr when he was older (after Ginger had died, age 68).  Monica gave him another daughter, Lucia.  (Lucia’s desendants live on in Vasilia Champagne, Lucille Straight, Bronson DeMarr and his son, John.)  Luka died age 80 but he was much older because of his time as a vampire.  Luka and family moved to a specially built three-storyed house near the Capp manor.  (It has since been demolished.)

Drako married Morannon and she had two children: Vincent and Lazaria.  Tragedy struck while she was pregnant with Lazaria – she died.  Luka brought her back so that she could have the baby, but she lost her memory in the process, a tragedy for Drako.


Gen. 6: Drako DEMARR

Morannon died young so Drako married his father’s young widow, Monica, his own cousin.  Drako died, age 80.  No record exists of what he did.  The house seemed full of bad memories so Vincent and family moved to a large house overlooking the river.

Vincent married Catriona Champignon (a distant cousin of the main Champignon family).  They had Daeron and Radu.


Gen 7: Vincent DEMARR

He also had an illegitimate daughter, Mary-Sue, by Cate Idler.  (Mary-Sue, coincidentally, now lives in the house of her Collie ancestors.)  Vincent was also a cult leader, and died, age 75, just before his granddaughter’s fifth birthday.

Daeron, as we know, married Brigitte Champignon.  They had five children: Valeria, Demona, Vlad senior (given up for adoption), and twins Vlad and Zev.


Gen 8: Daeron DEMARR

Daeron also had an illegitimate son by Mila Stoyanov: Radimir.  Daeron continued the family tradition of being a cult leader.  He and Brigitte divorced.  Valeria died while at university, and Zev, as we know, died.  Daeron died at the age of 77.

That leaves us with Vlad junior.


Gen. 9: Vlad DEMARR

He is a mad scientist and recently became a vampire.


He had married Miranda Hunter.  They have two sons, who are tenth generation!  Viran is the eldest, and the heir.


Gen. 10: Viran DEMARR

One thing this has taught me – take better pictures of the heirs!